The Milstein family has an enduring connection to China and the Chinese people. Howard P. Milstein’s father, Paul Milstein, was active in China at the very beginning of China’s opening to the West. In 1983, the Chinese government invited Paul Milstein to China to advise on the development of banana plantations in China. Paul Milstein was then President and principal owner of United Brands (parent company of Chiquita Brands International, Inc.). The banana industry thriving in South China today is a result of that effort.

Howard P. Milstein made his first trip to China with his wife in 1980, visiting Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. More recently, Howard P. Milstein’s business interests in China have become quite diverse and will continue to grow in the coming years. The Nicklaus Company, jointly owned with famed golfer Jack Nicklaus, for example, has designed more than 50 golf courses in China. Mr. Milstein is also involved in numerous other activities, including ResoursePro, an insurance business with more than 1,000 employees in Qingdao & Jinan.

In the United States, the Milstein family owns Emigrant Bank, the largest family-owned and operated bank in the United States which serves a large Asian-American population in the New York metropolitan area. Emigrant Bank supports all the communities it serves. In 2012, it hosted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s annual Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, which fittingly was held at the historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building across from City Hall. Mr. Milstein has been interviewed by various Chinese media, including Sinovision television and China World Journal.


Howard P. Milstein conceived of the MMAAP Foundation in early 2011, after meeting with the Chinese Ministry of Health to facilitate interactions between his medical philanthropic interests in the United States and leading Chinese efforts in clinical care and medical research.

In December 2011, the MMAAP Foundation framework was presented to Vice Minister, Liu Qian, MD of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. He enthusiastically endorsed the plan and goals and provided important advice.

The first two areas to be supported will be senior health and skin disease, with both areas receiving a one-year Research Fellowship for an English-speaking Chinese physician-scientist to join a prominent, partnering US research laboratory. The second Translational Project will have a rapid impact on healthcare in China. A strategic goal is to develop long-term collaborations between the US and Chinese partner institutions. Additional Milstein medical philanthropies, identified by the Foundation leadership and Mr. Milstein, will be added for support on an annual basis.

Strict peer review criteria will be employed for selection of recipients. For details see the Grants section.